The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – New Album Preview – The One

I saw The Pains Of Being….. about a year ago, and wanted to write something about them, then. A big something, not my usual fluff. Sadly I got sidetracked by…..well, fluff and so I am only getting round to “writing” something of “substance” now. Feel free to ignore….

So yeah the reason I’ve decided to pipe up now is because last week I went along to a playback of their new album, which is due out in the spring. You might already know the lead single Heart In The Heartbreak, I had it on the blog last week, I fink. I terms of a bench mark for the album, I’d say it’s probably more representative of the last album, perhaps that’s why it’s the lead single, but in terms of the record as a whole, I’d say it was one of the tracks I was least impressed with. By that I mean, that if you like that, whats coming is going to be right up your street.

I think to sum up the whole record, in relation to the last, it’s just that it’s got more stones. It’s ballsier, and more grown up. Heavens Gonna Happen Now sounds a bit like The Sex Pistols on the intro, before morphing into a crunk’d up Belle & Sebastian (Yes, I just said that!) and is probably my favourite track on the album. The Body sounds a bit like The Killers, namely it’s got the flourishing synth sounds, while Anne With An E is nearly festive (that needs to leak, asap. Save us from Coldplay).

My phone ran out of batteries at this stage, so I haven’t got any notes left, so all I can really tell you is that the last track sounds positively U2-ish, and by that I mean the good 1980′s U2-ish, though I am still partial to the new stuff, I think you’ll know what I mean, while the second last track, Too Tough, should really be the last one, because it’s great. And sounds like a sunrise. Yep, exactly the sound you hear when the sun comes up. Solar.

ATTENTION: The track below is called The One. It’s the B-side to current single Heart In The Heartbreak. It won’t feature on the new POBPAH album, though it should as it is great. Thank you your attention.

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