The View – I Need That Record

I feel a bit bad, yesterday I told someone I didn’t usually do cover versions on the blog, and here I am, not one day later, sticking a cover on the blog. Now I know how Simon Peter felt…..

Anyway it’s only because it’s a cause that I’ve got a lot of time for, and a band who….well I dunno, I’ve sorta had a soft spot for, despite maybe knowing better. Anyway, it’s The View, covering The Tweed’s I Need That Record and it’s for Record Store Day which this year takes place on April 16th. If your not familiar with Record Store Day well…..

Many years ago, there was a time when if you wanted to buy music you had to go all the way into town, if you were lucky enough to own shoes you’d wear them, and you’d have to look through stacks and stacks of CD’s (ask yer Dad) or in older cases actual 12′ vinyl (ask yer gran). Anyway slowly all the record stores in the world were closed down, and secretly we all kinda miss them. So the last surviving artefacts of this bygone age, all get together for one day of the year, and remind people just how frickin’ amazing they are/were.

More than 150 independent record stores are expected to take part in this year’s Record Store Day, selling around 100 exclusive and collectible items which will only be available on the day. The day will also feature scores of unique events from PAs to exclusive gigs open only to RSD customers.

Spencer Hickman, who I assume organises this whole thing said, “Record Store Day is the perfect antidote to all the doom and gloom we hear about the music business. It’s a day of celebration fuelled by the enthusiasm of artists and fans for record stores.”

Last year’s Record Store Day reached new heights with queues hundreds-strong forming outside some shops. For details on your nearest participating Tesco/Asda visit The Record Store Day Website. I can’t confirm whether they will accept your old Our Price vouchers you got for your 10th birthday, I would think not. Best bring cash.

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